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Natalie Bryant

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Monday, July 21st, 2003
4:35 am
wow i think i should update. Well i'm down here in florida on vacation, i think i needed sometime off. I was going to bring ezra, but you know i just didn't want him in the sun all the time and i think the heat would have got to him. So i was going to take him to my parents house in nyc but i got a call from kelly and she said that taylor said it was okay that ezra went and stayed with kelly a few days. I guess kelly was asking about him and she offered to take ezra. So thanks kelly, if he gets to be too much, call either taylor or me. Anyway, i'm still getting the works out on the clothing line, the first line should be out early next year, not that anyone cares, but i just thought i would like to point that out. On another note, i think those feelings are coming back. Everytime i talk to him, i get butterflies in my tummy like i'm 10 years old or something. And I don't know what to do, if this would be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess i'll just have to let time take its toll and see what happens, if anything does...

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
4:32 am - .....Times like these, you only need an unexpected shoulder to cry on...
after a much needed conversation with aimee, she kind of let out. She let out what she's been holding back and it seemed to help her. I know last night I was just blown away because of what she said. I mean i never said anything bad about her and she comes out of nowhere with this comment. But its okay, because i'm not one to hold grudges. So Aimee, girl its okay. I know sometimes things can get rough, i know believe me, i've been there. But you just have to hold on, and stick through it. And in the end, things will come out the way you want them to. And if they don't, then well its not the end yet.I suppose thats the act of caring, and the hurt.

Taylor, I just wanted to tell you that i'm cool with whatever you want to do in life. And about you and Mandy, well i'm happy that you are happy. I'm not holding anything against anyone, especial her because you are dating. If you all love each other, then you know you should be together. And I hope that you, Mandy can believe when i say all that. To be honest i'm really a big fan of your music and that movie, A Walk To Remember, i cried like a million times. Anyway, Taylor's a good guy, he's a good father to Ezra, he's probably the best friend you'll always have and he'll always be there for you. He's also a hopeless romantic, so watch out...j/k...no seriously, anyway, i'm going to get going, just you guys, have fun is all...


AIM: nat x bryant

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Monday, July 14th, 2003
1:56 am
Okay, i've talked to like one person, and that was ms.duff...which was cool don't get me wrong. But I just don't know what i did to deserve such an unwelcome to somewhere. I know taylor and i have our differences, but just because your friends with him doesn't mean you all have to be rude and crap to me. I'm sorry if i've done something already, but i still don't know.Despite what taylor has said about me, i think you all should get to know me before you judge someone. So much for a first update in my journal...thanks

current mood: annoyed

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